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Chief Leschi


The Nisqually people believe they were created where they live and that they have always lived where they were created.  The pioneer traces his roots in Washington back two hundred years.  Indian people trace back thousands of years.  Indian people survived for thousands of years because they had a deeply intimate and encyclopedic understanding of their environment.  Most important of all was the spiritual connection, which tied people to the specific rivers and prairies that emerged at the time of creation.  Their ancestors' bones reset in these lands of the Medicine Creek.

Medicine Creek Council Grounds:  This is where the treaty was signed, on the traditional gathering place of the Nisqually people.  The treaty tree, now gone, marked the location where a grove of Douglas Fir once stood.  Indian men, women and children camped here, met with the Americans and learned about the Treaty.  Today the Medicine Creek Treaty Tree is gone, however seedlings from this tree have been planted throughout the county to remember it's message as the words of the Medicine Creek Treaty are still in force. 

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