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Kids Eat FREE

This is exciting news that we are launching for January 2019. We know that eating out can be expensive. When we bought Medicine Creek Cafe (formerly Norma's), we took a hard look at the menu, implemented some of our specialty plates then reduced prices since we have a strong relationship with some of our suppliers already. In fact, our fish is locally caught and fresh from our Nisqually Tribe.

What does this mean for you and your family? Imagine that you had a long day at work, you don't feel like cooking or the clean-up after. You just want to have a great meal with your family. First, we are easy to get to. We are just South of JBLM/Dupont in the Nisqually Valley just off of I-5. Literally a 5 minute drive (see map here / scroll to the bottom). For each entree that you buy from the regular menu, you get a kids meal free for those under 10 years old.

Chicken Tenders


Mac and Cheese

Mini corn dog

Grilled Cheese

But wait, there is more! This is also served with fruit or french fries. They get a meal!

Let's do the math. You buy a cheeseburger, in fact, you buy a Billy Frank Jr. Double. A double meat, double cheese burger with a pile of fries. Your child gets a cheeseburger and fries for free. Excluding drinks & tax, you pay $8.99. You can't get this at a fast food joint at this price.

Now you are happy, no clean-up after dinner, and the kids are happy. We call this our

"2019 win-win deal." Everyone wins to include your budget.

This deal is running Mondays - Thursdays from 5pm to 8pm. It is planned for the hard working parents who may need a break from cooking and may need a little family time outside of the home. This is perfect for the grandparent who may want to take their grand kids out and eat affordably.

Want one last secret? I am sure that we can agree that we all like "free." So when you take the steps below, you also get a free soft drink or coffee (initial sign up only) AND you get your 8th entree free!!!! This means that you and your child can eat for FREE with more visits!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Billy Frank Double Jr.

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Teri Johnson
Teri Johnson
Jul 04, 2023

We love this cafe ! Today is the 4th of July and our anniversary, we will have lunch here ! Eating the great food this place serves ! Happy 4th of July to all!! Lets celebrate 😀😎


Jeannie G
Jeannie G
Nov 23, 2021

Can you come up north please!!! We live near Bellingham and came through your town today for a bite to eat.... SO good! Love the small diner feeling with the thoughtfulness and kindness of the staff. Thank you for doing such a good job!

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